ISF Surrey Bekki V Meek honored with Hero Goody Award Tag

For her compassion to help animals, the environment and good friends

ISF Surrey Bekki V Meek honored with Hero Goody Award Tag

Bekki V Meek, a dedicated Ian Somerhalder Foundation (ISF) Surrey member, is being tagged as a global citizen with a Hero Goody Award necklace by fellow ISF member Kelly Mayer. Bekki has been passionate about animals and the environment since she was a little girl. On the ISF Surrey website, Bekki shares, “I have supported many charities over the years, but none that worked tirelessly for both.”

To honor @BekkiVMeek, we received this tribute letter from @Krmayer27:

Bekki Meek, who is a part of the AMAZING Team ISF Surrey, has become someone I’m so honored to call a friend! We met through Twitter and although I can’t remember the exact date or how, all I know is I’m so happy we met. Just like Carla McCarron and Mille Monte, fellow ISF Surrey members, Bekki is also very compassionate towards others, and passionate about helping make the planet “greener”.

When Bekki isn’t helping ISF Surrey with their fundraising projects, she is helping out in her community! She works two jobs, always finds time to help out her fellow ISF Crewmembers and supporters, and still finds time for me.

Bekki recently did an event where she took a mud bath and raised over $900 for ISF! Her passion for helping animals, people and the planet is contagious and inspiring. She constantly inspires me to keep being me and to not let any negativity into my life that might prevent me from doing what I love.

Having Bekki’s support and seeing all the amazing things she is doing in the world is why I’m “tagging” her as a “Global Citizen”! Whether or not she realizes it, she truly is changing the world. It starts with just one encouraging, kind word, which leads to making someone smile. That one smile then leads to more encouraging words and more smiles!

I’m so blessed to have met such a wonderful, kind person who shares the same aspirations as I do. She is a true hero in my eyes!


Kelly Mayer @krmayer27

Bekki V Meek, Hero Goody Award of the Month, January 2014

Bekki V Meek, Hero Goody Award of the Month, January 2014

Bekki also won the Hero Goody Award of the Month “for her hard work in helping to make the world a brighter place” in January 2014 based on Twitter votes.

Thank you Bekki, and Big Thanks to the whole ISF Surrey team: Millie Monte, Carla McCarron, Latifa Walker, Grace Glazier, Bekki V Meek, Mason Glazier, Amber Monte, Aimee Monte, and Ashley Holmes.

If you’d like to recognize your hero, purchase a Hero Goody Award tag here, and then send us the story to post on the Goody Awards blog. We donate 50% of the profits to Free The Children, who empowers youth to change the world. You will also receive 2 for the price of 1 to support our Pay Good Forward program.

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