Actor Craig Edwards honored with Hero Goody Award Tag

For making the world a better place thru The Craig Edwards Project

Actor Craig Edwards honored with Hero Goody Award Tag

Congratulations British Actor, Model, and Fitness Addict Craig Edwards (“Angelic”) on your Hero Goody Award Tag from Kelly Mayer for making a difference thru The Craig Edwards Project (TCEP) and his recent Backpack Project.

Actor Craig Edwards honored with a Hero Goody Award Tag by Kelly Mayer

Actor Craig Edwards honored with a Hero Goody Award Tag by Kelly Mayer

TCEP is a non-profit charity set up to aid a multitude of causes from Help for Heroes, water and food shortages to cancer research and international disaster relief. TCEP aims to support existing aid organizations as well as bringing awareness and supporting global issues and development.

To honor Craig Edwards @craigedwards93, we received this tribute letter from @Krmayer27:

I’m “tagging” Craig Edwards as a “Global Citizen” for all his efforts in helping to make the world better through his organization, “The Craig Edwards Project” (TCEP).

Sometimes we take for granted the simple luxuries in life that a lot of people do not have. A roof over our heads, a warm bed to sleep in, food, water and even socks! Sadly, homelessness is a huge issue in the world. Thankfully, there is a man in England who is making his priority to help those in need! Thanks to Craig Edwards (and TCEP volunteers) a lot of people’s lives have been positively impacted by their generosity and kind souls!

The Craig Edwards Project is an organization that Craig and Bekki Verheyden-Meek founded which aims to make a positive mark in the world. The most recent “Positive Mark” Craig and TCEP made was their first “Backpack Project”. With donations people made to this project, Craig and his team were able to provide thick winter coats, fleeces, coffee, toiletries, space blankets and many more necessities to over 100 of Manchester, England’s homeless this winter!

Talk about HEROES!

Here’s a comment Craig posted in regards to the success of the “Backpack Project”:

Craig Edwards with "John" at first Backpack Project in Manchester's Piccadilly Gardens

Craig Edwards with “John” at first Backpack Project in Manchester’s Piccadilly Gardens

“The backpack project was a massive success and made a huge impact on so many lives, we experienced first hand how much just the basic essentials when provided can drastically improve an individuals situation and all of this was only made possible because of all of you 
and your donations, support and tireless efforts. All of us at TCEP thank you for your continued assistance in making our mark on the world and working to eliminate issues that should have no place in today’s world. Our aim is to run the backpack project more often especially since there is still such a need for it, we hope you will continue to join us on our mission ~ Craig Edwards, Co-Founder of The Craig Edwards Project.

It warms my heart to know someone like Craig is taking the time to take action to help others in need and encouraging others to do the same through TCEP. The impact he’s creating by doing these projects to help the homeless, is an impact that will always be felt… especially to the people he helped. Keep your eye out for Craig and his foundation to watch them continue to “Make Their Mark” on the world! Craig has inspired me to take action and help others. Kindness is FREE and the feeling of helping someone is PRICELESS!

Thank you Craig for being a Hero to all you inspire and help. You are making the world a better place!

Kelly Mayer

BIG Thanks to Craig Edwards, and thank you Kelly for continuing to bring these inspirational stories to us through your “Mission Recognition.”

If you’d like to recognize your hero, purchase a Hero Goody Award tag here, and then send us the story to post on the Goody Awards blog. We donate 50% of the profits to Free The Children, who empowers youth to change the world. You will also receive 2 for the price of 1 to support our Pay Good Forward program.

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