Brazil World Cup Fans cheer Knockout Round in Los Angeles

Passionate fans root for the host team, Hernanes and love.fútbol

Brazil World Cup Fans cheer Knockout Round in Los Angeles
World Cup Brazil cheers after beating Chile in Knockout Round

World Cup Brazil cheers after beating Chile in Knockout Round of 16 in Los Angeles, California

To cheer the Brazil National Football Team, our Golden Goody Award winner Hernanes (#18 on the team) and love.fútbol, we watched the Brazil versus Chile Knockout Round of 16 Match at Bella Vista Brazilian Gourmet Pizza in Los Angeles, California. And wow, the room was packed with Brazil fans proudly wearing their gold and green jerseys, a drum band, intense moments and really good pizza.

Watch all the action here: VIDEO: Penalty Shootout Brazil vs Chile with 2014 World Cup Fans.

To say that this game meant the world to these Brazil fans is an understatement. And when we told them how Hernanes received a Golden Goody Award for raising $57,000 for love.fútbol to build soccer fields for kids in underserved communities, their faces lit up with big smiles.

Check out the expressions of die-hard Brazil futbol fans in our Goody Awards Instagram World Cup photos to see both the tense moments and victory dances. We saw many men praying, women blowing kisses at TVs when goals were scored and wild drums beating at the perfect moments.

World Cup Brazil Fan Celebration

BIG Brazil World Cup fan cheers at Bella Vista Brazilian Gourmet Pizza in Los Angeles

When the game went into overtime because of the 1-1 tie score, the crowd got very quiet. You could just see the intensity of the moment on their faces. Vinny from Bella Vista Brazilian Gourmet Pizza brought out chocolate covered pizza with bananas, which was very popular, but it did not really break the tension.

And then when neither Brazil nor Chile scored during overtime, it was time for a penalty kicks shootout. While the teams were preparing their strategies, the drum band went outside for air and everyone focused on sending positive cheers to Brazil.

Going back inside, you could just feel the anxiety. Once Brazil scored on the first penalty kick, there were cheers of relief. When the Brazil scored a second time, the drums, dancing and anticipation increased with the signs of a pending victory.

With the penalty kicks tied 2-2, Brazil’s next goal by Neymar (#10) won the shoot-out 3-2. When Chile did not score on the next kick, the room literally jumped for joy, and it felt like an even bigger celebration than American fans whose team just won the Super Bowl! (And social media now reports more World Cup hits than the Super Bowl.)

There was dancing in the streets, and all you could see was a crowd of gold jerseys and tears of joy on the big sidewalk area in front of the restaurant. Brazil flags were raised high, and drums were beating at full steam. The celebration made it feel like you were actually on the streets of Rio. We were also excited to see Eva and Marco, who are in the Hernanes Golden Goody Award Congratulations VIDEO.

Anderson Hernanes receives Golden Goody Award

Anderson Hernanes receives Golden Goody Award

With the upcoming Quarter-finals match between Brazil and Columbia scheduled for this Friday, July 4th at 1:00pm PST, you can bet that the same crowd will be back cheering for their home team at Bella Vista Brazilian Gourmet Pizza (Culver City, CA) in Los Angeles. If you want to feel passion like you’ve never seen before for a sport, don’t miss this historic event.

And if you want to hear more about our WorldCup4Good Campaign, check out our ESPN Radio interview with Bill Daughtry. Go Brazil! Go Hernanes! Go USA on Tuesday July 1, and FIFA World Cup!

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