Superstar Goody – Beat Liver Tumors

Say Yes to Hope – Beat Liver Tumors

Social Good Shout Out to @BeatLiverTumors for a #SuperstarGoody #GoodyAwards @GoodyAwards for giving HOPE to those with liver tumors. For our first Superstar Goody of the Month, we recognize Say Yes to Hope @BeatLiverTumors for writing 191 appeals for treatment, connecting 691 piers and taking over 6,000 calls in the past year. This group was featured at the Eco Oscars Music, Celebrity and Pet Style Lounge at the Pickford Mansion in Hollywood, CA.

Beat Liver Tumors Suzanne Lindley continues to come back to the Eco Gift Lounge, and we saw her at the Eco MTV Awards and Eco Emmys recently. During the Eco Emmys, Suzanne organized 12 survivors to walk to the red carpet wearing Dalia MacPhee eco gowns.

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