Philippines Teacher Kat Ferrer receives Hero Goody Award necklace

For teaching underserved kids in the Philippines every Saturday

Philippines Teacher Kat Ferrer receives Hero Goody Award necklace

Kat Ferrer is being honored with a Hero Goody Award necklace for teaching kids in the Philippines by fellow Ian Somerhalder Foundation (ISF) fan Kelly Mayer. Kat is in Investment Banking in the Philippines and dedicates every Saturday to educating children who are less fortunate. She is compassionate about this cause, and writes in her blog, “I love Ian Somerhalder and I believe in his advocacy in saving Mother Earth.”

As many prepare to go “back to school,” Kat’s story is especially inspirational. Check out this beautiful tribute letter from Kelly Mayer that shares why she has “tagged” Kat as a “global citizen” with this Hero Goody Award.

“Global Citizen” Kat Ferrer – Teaching Kids in the Philippines

I first met Kat on Twitter (like so many of my AMAZING friends)! Kat is only 25 years old and from the Philippines. I have gotten to know her through Twitter and really have been amazed at all she is doing in her community!

Kat’s been teaching children every Saturday morning since 2011, alongside her parents. The community is inside a fish port and is really dirty. The size of the class is very small, but in the picture she sent me the smiling faces took over the scene and that’s all I noticed! Kat and her family have been working to renovate the classroom and it’s looking awesome! Last December, Kat and her family held a feeding program and gave the children slippers.

Last June, Kat and her family distributed school supplies before the school year started. Of course seeing the smiles on their faces was priceless to her (we are a lot a like)! During one of our Twitter conversations, Kat messaged me something that brought tears to my eyes.

Kat wrote, “The children are really in need of us. I don’t want them to grow and be the problem of society. I may not be able to give them all their needs, but these are the kids I want to influence Kelly. Not just in the nurture of God’s word, but also in the awareness of saving the planet but at the same time, save their own lives. I know it’s not their fault they were born poor but I feel like I’m responsible to help them!”

Kat went on to tell me that most of the children’s parents are unemployed and that some just attend class for the food. They won’t tell her the truth, as they are embarrassed.

Reading how compassionate Kat is about helping these children, is why I’m tagging her as a “Global Citizen” with this Hero Goody Award necklace! Even though she may not feel like she’s a hero or that she’s making their lives better, she totally is.

Every class Kat attends, every child she says “Hi” to and every ounce of food those children are given during her class is helping them. She is making a HUGE difference in their lives and she has made a big impression on mine too. I was so inspired and touched by her story I went out to my local Wholesale Store and bought a bunch of school supplies which I’m going to ship to her for the kids! I have been in contact with Feed The Children as well to see if they are near where she lives and if they can help out with supplying food/water to them.

I truly hope Kat will wear this necklace with pride and let it be a constant reminder that she is making the world better. I’m so happy to have gotten to “meet” her on Twitter and get to know her. She is “Paying Good Forward” by taking the time to care and show those children the beautiful things in life and most importantly, teaching them compassion.

She’s a hero in my book! These are just a few reasons why I’m “tagging” her as a “Global Citizen” with this Hero Goody necklace! Keep on changing the world girl!!


Kelly Mayer @krmayer27

Wow, thank you Kat and Kelly for sharing this inspirational story, and for everything that BOTH of you and ISF Fans do to to “Pay Good Forward” and make the world a better place! For Kat updates, you can read her blog here:

Hero Goody Necklaces tag global citizens making a difference

Hero Goody Necklaces tag global citizens making a difference

And if you’d like to recognize your hero, purchase a Hero Goody Award tag here, and then send us the story to post on the Goody Awards blog. We donate 50% of the profits to Free The Children, who empowers youth to change the world. You will also receive 2 for the price of 1 to support our Pay Good Forward program.


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