Personal Trainer Drew Logan receives Hero Goody Award Tag

Tagged as a “global citizen” for encouraging and educating people on the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

Personal Trainer Drew Logan receives Hero Goody Award Tag

Drew Logan Personal TrainerPersonal Trainer Drew Logan received a Hero Goody Award tag from one of his biggest fans, Kelly Mayer. She tagged Drew as a “global citizen” for encouraging and educating people on the importance of a healthy lifestyle, and for being her “Twitter Personal Trainer” @TheDrewLogan. Kelly sent us this heartfelt story about why she gave this special recognition to Drew Logan (the personal trainer of Rick Cosnett, who plays Dr. Wes, on The Vampire Diaries.)

From Kelly Mayer

A few months ago, I started to “follow” Rick Cosnett on Twitter. I LOVED his role as Dr. Wes on “The Vampire Diaries” and was thrilled to read all of his tweets! That’s how I found Drew Logan, Rick’s personal trainer!

I’ve always struggled with my weight. I’m only 5 feet tall, and I have always been overweight. I had twin boys 2 years ago and since have had a very hard time getting motivated to lose the weight. After having some major health issues and being told I was “pre diabetic”, I knew I had to snap out of it and get healthy. Diabetes and heart disease are two of the horrible health risks that run on both sides of my parents’ families.

I know what I “should do” versus what I “shouldn’t do” when it comes to eating right and exercising. It is a matter of actually doing it…that was my problem. I would find any excuse NOT to exercise or to stop at a fast food place on the way home instead of cooking a healthy meal. Not only was I wasting a TON of money, but I was wasting precious time away from my life! Reading Drew’s tweets and seeing his motivational pictures have really helped me to stay focused and do the right thing. Any time I think of an excuse to not go for a walk, I think of Drew’s message and get up and go out! 

My great uncle passed away a couple of months ago, and I used to talk to him about Drew and Rick. I would tell him how much they both have inspired me to get healthy. My uncle was very impressed with my change in attitude and he would tell me that some day I will get to meet Drew and Rick and thank them in person. He had hoped to see that wish come true, but passed away due to health complications. After losing my great uncle Rick, it really left me relying on Drew’s tweets to keep me motivated.

In June, I walked 2.3 mile in a Cancer walk at my place of employment with my 9-year-old son. My son kept telling me “remember what Drew would say” every time I’d say I couldn’t keep going or my leg hurt, etc. I didn’t want to let my son down and quit or myself. Drew also introduced a 25-Day challenge where you don’t have any sugar, any caffeine, no coffee or alcohol. The no alcohol was easy, since I don’t drink that much. The no sugar, no caffeine & no COFFEE; however, not so easy! I looked forward to getting my food and coffee from Dunkin Donuts every morning before work. I know it’s not healthy and it’s very expensive, but I thought I needed it to get me going in the mornings.

After a week of doing Drew’s challenge, and many migraines later, I realized I felt AWESOME! Instead of caffeine/coffee, I started drinking TONS of water! When I got hungry, instead of fast food, I turned to fruit, nuts and WATER! I’ve lost 10lbs since that challenge and I feel great! I do “fall off” track some days, but instead of beating myself up about it, I remember Drew’s encouraging words and know tomorrow is a new day to try again! 

The main reason why I “tagged” Drew Logan as a “Global Citizen” with this Hero Goody Award is, he’s not trying to get people to go on diets, he’s trying to encourage and educate people the importance of a healthy lifestyle! Looking at it that way, for me at least, makes me want to listen to him. I can’t afford a personal trainer of my own, so having him as my “Twitter Personal Trainer” is as good as it gets right now for me. He’s made me realize that life is too short to cheat yourself from being healthy. I know there is a beautiful, healthy, thing girl underneath my “protective layers”, and I will find her someday!

Drew even said that when I go to Los Angeles, I can workout with him and Rick! Well, since I can’t afford to go to LA, that will never happen, BUT the fact he even said it means the world to me! I am walking in the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk this October. I’ve done it for 5 years now but have never walked the full 5 miles. This year; however, with the encouragement from Drew, I have set my goal to walk the full course! Thank you Drew from the bottom of my heart for not only encouraging myself to get healthy, but everyone who is blessed to come across his path!


Kelly Mayer

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