Nate Buzolic (Vampire Diaries) recognized with Hero Goody Necklace

Tagged as a global citizen for making a big difference in a fan’s life.

Nate Buzolic (Vampire Diaries) recognized with Hero Goody Necklace

Nate Buzolic (“The Vampire Diaries” and “Pretty Little Liars”) was tagged as a global citizen with a Hero Goody Necklace for making a big difference in a fan’s life. This gift was sent by Kelly Mayer, who wrote about how Nate’s words, hugs, photos and tweets helped her to kick cancer’s butt!

From Kelly Mayer @krmayer27
I am giving this “Tag Good” necklace to Nate Buzolic of “The Vampire Diaries” for a very personal reason. I met Nate at EyeCon in November 2013 for the first time.  I thought he was just a very hot/great actor until I got to talk to him… then I realized he’s so much more. See, right before the Meet & Greet with the stars, my doctor had called me to tell me that my cancer cells had returned for the 2nd time. So, of course I was very upset and had been crying right before going in to meet all my favorite actors.

Nate Buzolic Hero GoodyWhen it was my turn to talk to Nate… I don’t know what “compelled” me to tell him the news I just found out – but I did and he took my hand in his, looked at me and said he was so sorry to hear that but knew I would pull through and kick cancer’s butt again. Then he gave me a huge hug and signed a picture for me with words of encouragement that I have kept close to my heart ever since.

Every appointment/treatment I have been to, I have taken those pictures/memories with me and they have kept me smiling/laughing. Nate shared a couple personal stories during his Q&A that truly touched my heart and made me realize that he was so much more than just a pretty face… he was an inspiration, a role model…someone that so many have looked up to and followed his advice…he’s turned out to be my hero. 

During the Meet & Greet session, I was totally blown away by all the actors kindness/hugs/sweet words of encouragement. I didn’t feel scared/sad. I felt hopeful and happy! Happy to have gotten the chance to have met everyone and Nate…hopeful that everything he said was true and I just had to have faith.

After leaving that room, I honestly thought Nate wouldn’t remember me the next day, but I was happily surprised! I had my picture taken with him and he remembered my name, first of all and secondly, I found out from a friend he had asked her if I was on Twitter? She told him I was and he asked her for my Twitter handle so he could send me a tweet that week to check up on me! I didn’t know this until our last night there, so I couldn’t hug or thank him for just saying that! (Yes.. I totally cried when my friend told me that!) I didn’t believe he would actually do it though, as I know how busy these celebrities are and I honestly thought he’d forget me after that day.

Again… he surprised me and kept his word…the day after my first appointment with my specialist, my friend sent me a text telling me to check my Twitter as Nate just sent me a message! He posted “@krmayer27 let your faith bring a mighty roar, u will not let this bring u down, u will not let this beat your soul. My prayers are with u x” 

When I read this message, I cried. I cried because first, he remembered me and 2nd it made me change my whole outlook on what I was going through. I decided right then and there that I would follow his advice and not let it beat me…and it didn’t! 

The best way to start off 2014 was finding out my cancer cells were gone! This time I hope for good, but after meeting Nate, I know that everything can be overcome if I just have faith. I hope some day to get the chance to hug/thank him for keeping me strong these past few months and contiuing to inspire me (and thousands more) to “Take Heart.”

Thank you Nate- Don’t ever change who you are, because to me you are amazing!

And the Goody Awards would like to send a Big Thank You to Kelly Mayer for tweeting so many awards on Twitter to thank others. Your words and tweets are an inspiration to so many around the world!

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