Kendra McIntosh (ISF Kids Army) receives Hero Goody Necklace from FansofBOB

For being part of the ISF Kids Army, BOB Volunteers, Girl Scouts and organizing Youth Campaigns

Kendra McIntosh (ISF Kids Army) receives Hero Goody Necklace from FansofBOB

Kendra McIntosh @RamtasticTeen received a Hero Goody Necklace this week from Angie Trombley @FansofBOB that represents global citizens making a difference. Kendra is part of the ISF (Ian Somerhalder Foundation) Kids Army, an Official Volunteer for the BOB (Built of Barnwood) Army, volunteers for the Girl Scouts, and has done several campaigns to ensure youth voices are heard.

Below is the write-up that the Goody Awards received about Kendra from Angie:

I am awarding Kendra with a #HeroGoody Award Necklace for so many reasons. I met Kendra on Twitter almost 2 years ago when somebody sent me an article about her. I was so impressed by this young lady, who at the time was 14, that I located Kendra and her mom on Twitter and began speaking with her.

Kendra is involved with many organizations and she is an asset to every one of them. She is an ISF Kids Army volunteer and works on projects to raise money for the Animal Sanctuary that they’re trying to get built. She’s in the Girl Scouts and works very hard to help that organization succeed.

Kendra is also one of the youth Official Volunteers for BOB Army, which is a group of volunteers I formed to help support and promote Built Of Barnwood and the wonderful family who is behind that business, Bob and Dena Somerhalder. Bob and Ian Somerhalder started BOB to reclaim, recycle and re-purpose vintage wood and building materials. Once reclaimed, they are turned into usable artwork, home furnishing and design accent pieces.

She is well known for her activism in her community. Kendra brought an anti-texting while driving campaign and re-enactment to her school. She personally organized and acquired the necessary items to create a memorial to her classmates who were taken from their families and communities much too early. Kendra also attended Beyond Coal rallies, and is a founding member of an anti-bullying campaign.

Kendra has so many wonderful ideas to help this planet and all who share it, and puts those ideas into action. Even though she has had several health issues, at times so severe she’s been hospitalized; she still strives to achieve her goals even from a hospital bed.

Kendra is now 16. I’ve been so lucky to watch her grow these last couple of years into an even more self-aware and environmentally conscious young lady. Kendra is my hero. She gave me back the faith I had lost in this world. I know with her, and all the other amazing young people in the ISF Kids Army, that my own children’s futures are going to be better. Young people have voices. And they won’t stop fighting to be heard.

On a personal note to Kendra, I love you sweetheart. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your life. You are going to achieve great things. I’m so proud of you. Merry Christmas.                                  

When you order 1 Hero Goody necklace, we will automatically send you during the holidays (Dec 1-31, 2013)

When you order 1 Hero Goody necklace, we will automatically send you during the holidays (Dec 1-31, 2013)

If you know a hero, honor them with a Hero Goody necklace. Give them this gift from the heart, and then watch them beam with pride! You can also get 2 Hero Goody necklaces for the price of 1 during the holidays (Dec 1-31, 2013.) You will make an immediate impact because 50% of our profits will go to Free The Children, who teach children to be global citizens and help keep children out poverty. Since 1995, they’ve built 650 schools/classrooms and provided 1,000,000+ with clean water, health care and sanitation.


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