ISF Youth Director Jules Trace honored with Hero Goody Award Tag

For encouraging youth thru ISF and Special Education for children with Autism

ISF Youth Director Jules Trace honored with Hero Goody Award Tag
Congratulations Jules Trace on being tagged as a global citizen with your Hero Goody Award by Kelly Mayer!

Congratulations Jules Trace on being tagged as a global citizen with your Hero Goody Award!

Congratulations Jules Trace on your Hero Goody Award Tag from Kelly Mayer for making a difference as the Director of the Youth Division for the Ian Somerhalder Foundation (ISF) and for teaching children with special needs. Jules is also a Vegan, Animal Obsessor, Traveler and has a dog named Joby.

To honor @JulesTrace, the Goody Awards received this tribute letter / interview from @Krmayer27:

In a world so focused on image and popularity, it’s a constant struggle to stay true to yourself and to love yourself the way you are. It’s nearly impossible to find a role model who genuinely cares about helping others, and especially our youth. I have been lucky to cross paths with a woman who is truly an angel put here on earth to help others. I am tagging Jules Trace as a Global Citizen with this Hero Goody Award Tag

Jules Trace is a woman who wears MANY hats! I have gotten to know Jules over the past year since my son has become involved with ISF as an ISF MobSTIR. The more I learn about her, the more I admire her. She is a beautiful and rare soul. Her positive attitude and eagerness to help others is a gift to the world. It’s one of the many reasons why I am tagging her with this Hero Goody Award. She constantly engages and encourages our youth (and really EVERYONE) to ALWAYS be YOU!  

I recently asked Jules some questions to get to know her a little better on a personal level and to share her AWESOMENESS with the world! 

Me: When did you start with ISF and why did you want to join?

ISF_LogoJules: Crazy enough, over 4 years ago! I discovered ISF right after it’s inception and instantly knew it was the next giant leap in my life. I’ve been a complete animal addict my entire life. I always vibe more with fuzzy, scaly, slimy creatures than humans.

I also am extremely passionate about working with youth and encouraging them to be the unique, crazy, fun, weird and most importantly authentic human beings they are, and to keep a tight grasp on that piece of themselves as they get older. I am the exact same person now that I was when I was 5, and doing EXACTLY what I’ve always wanted to do, I just forgot it somewhere there in the middle.

Me: What do you enjoy MOST about being a part of ISF?

Jules: What a HUGE question! There is no simple answer really. Honestly, my favorite part of ISF is whatever YOUR favorite part of ISF is, because if there is something we do that inspires, engages or activates your passion, then that’s all that matters really.

Me: What is 1 of your dreams in life?

Jules: Just one?! One really strong dream I have is to help awaken people to what veganism really is, does and means and to make vegan resources more accessible and understandable for everyone. If you choose to be vegan or not is totally up to you, but just make your own educated decisions and make sure you know what impact you’re making on the world, it’s creatures AND your body. Educate yourself! We all just love animals, right?!

Don’t you just LOVE her mind and heart?! You would think being the Youth Director at ISF would take up all of her time right? NOPE! I learned that in addition to her work with ISF, she has a SECOND job that I asked her to describe.

Me: What do you love most about your second job? 

Jules: For over 6 years now I’ve been doing in-home and community therapy with awesome kids that also so happen to have autism! My degree is in Special Education, which is just another indicator of my love for just being YOU. Autism is a huge part of my life, and I hope to continue to work in that field as well and maybe someday even connect my two passions: Autism and ISF!

I could go on and on about how amazing this young woman is. The world needs more people like Jules, encouraging our youth to just BE YOU. Her passion, positivity, compassion and love for all animals and others is truly a trait I wish more people had. She has really opened my eyes to the world around me. 

She’s an inspiration, and a blessing to ALL that are lucky enough to cross her path, like me. 

Kelly Mayer

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BIG Cheers to Jules Trace for all that you do, and thank you Kelly Mayer for continuing to bring these inspirational stories to us through your “Mission Recognition.”

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