ISF Surrey Member Carla McCarron honored with Hero Goody Award

For her efforts supporting all things ISF

ISF Surrey Member Carla McCarron honored with Hero Goody Award

Ian Somerhalder Foundation (ISF) Surrey team member Carla McCarron is being recognized as a global citizen with Hero Goody Award necklace “for her efforts supporting all things ISF” by fellow team member, Bekki V Meek. Thank you Carla for your endless dedication and compassion for good, while managing a very busy life. Along with supporting ISF, Carla is married and a mother of two children. She also has a dog, who she “spoils rotten just like another one of my children.”

Carla McCarron received a Hero Goody Award from Bekki V Meek

Carla McCarron received a Hero Goody Award necklace from fellow ISF Surrey team member Bekki V Meek.

We received this heartfelt tribute from @BekkiVMeek for @Carla8710:

I’m nominating Carla at ISF Surrey for a Hero Goody necklace and tagging her as a “Global Citizen”.

Carla works extremely hard for ISF all while juggling a full time job, friends and family. She works nights, and when she gets home in the morning, instead of relaxing; she gets straight to work with our ISF projects and fundraisers. She has become a truly respected friend of mine, and a part of my ISF family.

She is a lovely, caring lady that everyone is happy to know. She’s always there for you no matter how busy she is. She is someone you can truly rely on and she’ll never let you down! I truly respect all she does each and every day to help make the world better for all! Her passion and dedication to help raise funds and awareness is truly inspirational! I’m truly blessed to have her in my life!

Thank you, Carla for all you do!

Sincerely, Bekki V Meek

Carla describes her dedication for the Ian Somerhalder Foundation this way, “The more and more I read about the foundation the more I became touched and understood why so many people of all different ages worldwide are so inspired by ISF and their goals. I love animals and the environment. I am lucky enough to live in and around some beautiful countryside near some beautiful beaches. ISF has inspired me to become more involved in something that I am passionate about to help make a change and to achieve my own personal goals.”

Thank you Carla for endless devotion to this cause, and big cheers to entire ISF Surrey team for having fans select you as the Team Goody Award for the Month for August 2014. You are all a powerful force for good!

Hero Goody Necklaces tag global citizens making a difference

Hero Goody Necklaces tag global citizens making a difference

If you’d like to recognize your hero, purchase a Hero Goody Award tag here, and then send us the story to post on the Goody Awards blog. We donate 50% of the profits to Free The Children, who empowers youth to change the world. You will also receive 2 for the price of 1 to support our Pay Good Forward program.


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