ISF Community Manager Dina Khayal receives Hero Goody Necklace

Recognized as a Global Citizen making the world a better place!

ISF Community Manager Dina Khayal receives Hero Goody Necklace

Dina Khayal, Ian Somerhalder Foundation (ISF) Community Manager received one of our first Hero Goody necklaces for being a powerful force for good. As a college student in Dallas, Texas, she finds time to tweet good news about ISF’s green projects and writes Huffington Post College stories to remind people how to support the environment.

The Hero Goody represents global citizens making the world a better place. We are grateful to Dina @ISF_Inspired for connecting the ISF team around the world with the Goody Awards. We have ISF fans from over 20 countries reinforcing good thru Goody Awards votes on Twitter using hashtags (ex #HeroGoody.)

Dina also nominated Ian Somerhalder for our top award, the Golden Goody Award, and gave us advice on the design of the Hero Goody necklace. All of these actions support our mission to reinforce good to inspire positive change and make the world a better place. To say “WE LOVE DINA” is an understatement!

To support the Ian Somerhalder Foundation and Ian, Dina wrote a powerful Huffington Post story called, 5 Reasons Why You Should Support Ian Somerhalder’s Birthday Project. Ian’s birthday wish is to have one million people of the seven billion on the planet to donate $35 to ISF to fuel the resources to continue expanding and creating change for the voiceless of this planet.

Dina has shown how one person can change the world, and we ask you to join us in a standing ovation. Go Dina! Go ISF! If you want to support Ian’s birthday wish, you have until Dec 8, 2013 to donate.

And if you know anyone who is an everyday hero, you also can give them a Hero Goody necklace. We will donate 50% of the profits to Free The Children, which helps children get out of poverty. If you email us a photo and the story, we will also post it on the Hero Goody blog.

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