Ian Somerhalder recognized by Goody Awards of the Month for March 2013

Ian Somerhalder and IS Foundation wins 3 out of 5 Goody Awards of the Month.

Ian Somerhalder recognized by Goody Awards of the Month for March 2013

Fans went wild by voting Ian Somerhalder (Vampire Diaries) and his Ian Somerhalder Foundation as the winner for 3 out of 5 Goody Awards categories for March 2013, including Hero Goody of the Month @iansomerhalder, Eco Goody of the Month @iansomerhalder and Team Goody of the Month @IS_Foundation.

Big congrats to Ian Somerhalder for empowering youth to make a positive difference. His foundation inspires youth from all over the world to be more environmentally conscious, and take action where they see a need. Devon Haas was so inspired that she decided to donate her “tooth fairy” money to his foundation. ISF focuses on 5 key areas: Environment, Energy, Creatures, Youth and College Division, recently ran a “Quench Your Thirst Campaign” to reduce the use of bottled water. Ian, who is a Louisiana native, started ISF in 2010 after the BP Oil Spill. His force for good continues via social media, fans and more every day.

Fans tweeted Goody Awards for Ian and the IS Foundation mission from all over the world, and the messages are truly inspirational. Some fans even have their own ISF Twitter handles by country (Germany, Italy, etc.) Big thanks to the many voters, including: @ISF_Inspired (who started it all!) @Steffi_ISFGer @IanS_devotee @Irina_ISF @SimoneHi @BlossomBlunose @waleskalopez25 @TinaMLewis and more:

@ArtistTBW: I nominate @iansomerhalder for a #EcoGoody #GoodyAwards for his ability to inspire & lead others to promote positive environmental change

@ISF_Amaya: I nominate @iansomerhalder for a #EcoGoody #GoodyAwards for his work empowering youth & saving the planet with #ISF

@ISF_Inspired: I nominate @IanSomerhalder for a #HeroGoody #GoodyAwards for inspiring the world with his big heart & inspirational foundation!

@MarisasiraM: I nominate @Iansomerhalder for a #HeroGoody #GoodyAwards for saving the world with his amazing foundation, The Ian Somerhalder Foundation!

@78Gdeborah: I nominate @IS_Foundation for a #TeamGoody #GoodyAwards for educating people on the importance of going green w/their mission

@MaykiaClaire: I nominate @IS_Foundation for a #TeamGoody #GoodyAwards for making me feel a part of something useful

Along with Ian Somerhalder, we also want to congratulate our Goody Deed Goody of the Month @mayhemstudios. Calvin Lee has 81k Twitter followers, and helped raise social good voices at conferences in March, including SXSW and Social Media Club LA. Calvin tweets while he sleeps, and is a key influencer who you should follow!

Big Shout Out to @ShannonMMiller who won the Teacher Goody of the Month. She is a rock star librarian in Iowa and a “Connector” on Twitter. She brings experts to her Vanmeter classroom via Skype from all over the world, and her PLN (Personal Learning Programs) have been featured in USA Today.  We first met Shannon via Twitter when she won the “Connecting People Shorty Award” in 2011, and have been following her ever since!

We are excited to have fans recognizing these forces for good, and big thanks to Ian Somerhalder’s supporters for making a positive difference. The Goody Awards goal is to raise social good voices via social media and cause marketing campaigns, and these votes are all about “stacking positives.” If you are told your positive efforts are awesome 20 times a day, then you are much more likely to change the world. We all need positive reinforcement, and you can recognize everyday heroes every day #GoodyAwards and 1 of the 5 awards categories (#HeroGoody #EcoGoody #TeamGoody #TeacherGoody #GoodDeedGoody.)

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