Ian Somerhalder receives Hero Goody Necklace representing Global Citizens

Vampire Diaries’ Actor and Activist Ian Somerhalder honored as Hero by Fans & Goody Awards

Ian Somerhalder receives Hero Goody Necklace representing Global Citizens

Because Ian Somerhalder (Vampire Diaries) has won Hero Goody of the Month three times, he was honored at the Social Good Summit in NYC with one of the first Hero Goody Necklaces. On the 92Y rooftop on the upper east side of Manhattan, Ian accepted this necklace from Goody Awards Founder Liz H Kelly. This Hero Goody Necklace represents global citizens making a difference, and supports Free The Children.

Ian is not only a social good leader, but he inspires others to do good through his ISF foundation, support for RYOT News (board member) and active Twitter voice. Born in New Orleans, Ian started ISF (Ian Somerhalder Foundation) after the BP Oil Spill to empower youth to do green projects. ISF is a non-profit organization promoting animal rights and environmental causes.

Ian Somerhalder’s fans have voted for him on Twitter from over 20 countries. Below are some of these cheers from his fans.

I nominate @iansomerhalder for a #HeroGoody #GoodyAwards for …. We have all need for believing !! the world change !! #ISFfamily via @ISF_Breizh

I nominate @iansomerhalder for a #HeroGoody #GoodyAwards ‘Cause he’s a visionary! #ISFfamily via @Crew_Rome

I nominate @IanSomerhalder for a #HeroGoody #GoodyAwards for …. Being inspiration to us all via @evillyn29

You can give anyone making a difference with a Hero Goody Necklace to recognize global citizens. The Goody Awards will also donate 50% of profits to Free The Children to keep children out of poverty.

Congratulations Ian Somerhalder on your Hero Good Necklace, and thank you for being such a force for good!

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