Ian Somerhalder and ISF win 3 out of 5 Goody Awards for August 2013

Loyal fans from around the world vote for Ian Somerhalder and his IS Foundation for social good awards.

Ian Somerhalder and ISF win 3 out of 5 Goody Awards for August 2013

Ian Somerhalder (The Vampire Diaries) and his Ian Somerhalder Foundation (ISF) win 3 out of our 5 monthly Goody Awards again for August 2013 (this also happened in March 2013). His die-hard fans voted Ian #1 for our Hero Goody, Eco Goody and Team Goody (Ian Somerhalder Foundation.) Congratulations also goes to Justin Bieber @JustinBieber for winning our Good Deed Goody of the Month, and the Sundance Institute @SundanceLabs for receiving the Teacher Goody of the Month. These winners join our Superstars, and are in competition for the Goody Awards of the Year.

A native from New Orleans, Ian Somerhalder started his foundation after BP Oil Spill to empower youth to do green projects. ISF is a non-profit organization promoting animal rights and environmental causes, and Ian will be speaking at the Social Good Summit in Sept in New York City.

Ian’s loyal fans have tweeted votes for him from all over the world, including: Poland @ISFPL_Poland, Hungary and Germany @ISF_HunGer, Germany @SimoneHi @Simone_TeamBOB @ISF_Ines, Rome, Italy @_Veruccia, San Paulo, Brazil @MikeSomerholic, Belgium @muse1617, India @rajus_b, Surrey, England @Masonglazier and US @ISF_Inspired @isilwath @Damon_TVD_Lover.

Goody Awards of the Month for August 2013 congratulations to:

Eco Goody of the Month @IanSomerhalder: – I nominate @iansomerhalder for a #EcoGoody #GoodyAwards for being the change and voice of this beautiful world! Hugs and kisses! via @kpau778

Good Deed Good of the Month @JustinBieber:  I nominate @justinbieber for a #GoodDeedGoody #GoodyAwards for being the artist with the most Make-A-Wish wishes granted via @biebersthrill

Hero Goody of the Month @IanSomerhalder: I nominate @iansomerhalder for a #HeroGoody #GoodyAwards for created ISF to inspire young people 2 get involved in environmental activism via @SmileAlwaysIan

Teacher Goody of the Month @SundanceLabs: We nominate @sundancelabs for a #teachergoody #goodyawards for this #sundance #filmmaker panel (part of NEXT WEEKEND in Los Angeles, brought to you by the Sundance Institute)

Team Goody of the Month @IS_Foundation: I nominate @IS_Foundation for a #TeamGoody #GoodyAwards for trying to make our planet a better place #TogetherWeCanMakeAChange via @lexi_2412

The Hero Goody of the Year competition is now between Justin Bieber, Ian Somerhalder (Vampire Diaries) and VOW (Voice of Women) Initiative. It’s not too late to start a campaign and take the lead in any category!

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