Hero Goody Necklace presented at Sundance 2014 to Vincent De Paul

For his charity work and making a positive impact through film

The Goody Awards honored Actor and Producer Vincent De Paul (“House of Cards”) at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival with a Hero Goody Award Necklace for his charity work and efforts to make a positive impact through film. This special award is given to global citizens making a difference, and was presented at the Independent Filmmakers Lounge in Park City, Utah, which you can watch in our VIDEO: Vincent De Paul (House of Cards) at Sundance 2014.

Not only is Vincent the spokesperson for the Society of St Vincent de Paul, he has been a founding Advisory Board Member of the Goody Awards and great supporter of people making a difference. The Society of St Vincent de Paul is focused on assisting those in need, and Vincent supports their annual toy drive for children every year.

During this Hero Goody necklace presentation, Vincent shared, “If I can do anything with my film and TV and episodics and my work to change people’s opinions on people and understand diversity, just like this lounge, it allows acceptance, I’m happy so thank you for this award.”

Goody Awards Founder Liz H Kelly then added that one of Sundance’s goals is to change opinions and the world through film. She mentions how the Director of the Sundance Film Festival John Cooper emphasized the positive impact of “The Invisible War” and “Blackfish” had on changing opinions at the opening day press conference.

Actor Producer Vincent De Paul receives Hero Goody Necklace at Sundance 2014.

Actor Producer Vincent De Paul receives Hero Goody Necklace at Sundance 2014.

Towards the end of our interview with Vincent, he added, “I take my lead from a great Director/Producer Stanley Kramer…He was a director who changed peoples opinions on different issues like ‘Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner’ with Sidney Poitier and Katherine Hepburn about acceptance. If I can do that with my work, I’m happy.”

Vincent’s family has also done a lot of charity work, and he gave shout outs to his parents who are from Baltimore, Maryland. His mother, Maria G. Zannino, did a lot of work with March of Dimes. In honor of her memory, the family just dedicated a playroom for children with autism at the Kennedy Krieger Institute.

Thank you Vincent and thank you Vincent’s family for making such a positive impact on the world in so many ways. If you want to honor a hero, you can also tag good with a Hero Goody Necklace, and then we can share your story on our blog.

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