Goody Awards Superhero and Everyday Hero Poll at Comic-Con 2013

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To bring you the inside scoop on Comic-Con 2013, the Goody Awards video interviewed people in costume, including characters from “Adventure Time”, “Wreck-It Ralph”, a Jedi, “PowerPuff Girls”, Nightwing, Aquaman, Harvey Birdman, Chung Lee from “Street Fighter”, and more to find out their favorite Superhero and Everyday Hero. This survey was part of our Force for Good Campaign (July 15 –Aug 15, 2013), and we encourage everyone to tweet #goodyawards to say thank you to their heroes.

While the most popular Everyday Hero was clearly “Mom”, the Superhero replies were surprising. Who is your favorite Superhero and Everyday Hero?

Adventure Time Breakfast Princess (Margaret) chose Batman as her favorite Superhero because “he doesn’t have any superpowers.” And her mom was her favorite Everyday Hero because she still makes her breakfast “at age 24.”

The PowerPuff Girls (Lee Ann, Julie, Natalie) also revealed their favorite Superheroes as Batman, Spiderman, and Ms. Marvel. Mom, grandma, and mom were their favorite Everyday Heroes.

“Adventure Time” Fionna (Cory) chose Superhero “Jake” from “Adventure Time” beause he has the power to stretch in all direction. When asked about her Everyday Hero, she gave us chills by saying it was her father because, “he’s a federal fireman, and he’s been working really hard to fight fires in South California this summer.”

Adventure Time Finn (Alex) selected “Captain America because he doesn’t have a big ego. He’s just a normal guy doing his job.” And his everyday hero is Adam from “Mythbusters” because he is inspiring him to be an Engineer. (Watch the video to find out their Comic-Con advice and stories.)

When we spoke to the 4 colorful characters (Vanellope, Fix-it Felix, Candlehead, Crumbelina Di Caramello) from “Wreck-it Ralph”, they gave us interesting answers that you can hear in our VIDEO: Wreck-It Ralph takes Superhero Poll at Comic-Con 2013.

And when we ran into a Jedi (Nobles) at the Wired Café at the Omni Hotel, he chose Superman. While you might think Superman is an obvious choice, he added, “Superman was very conflicted. And when you read the stories, you really figure that out. It wasn’t just about his power. It was about coping with really who he was and how he fit into a place that he didn’t belong and people didn’t accept him. He took all of this, saw the good in people and made himself better.” (And since it’s Superman’s 75th Anniversary, we gave a shout out to this Superhero, Wired Café and HBO.)

There were several more Superhero interviews and videos from Comic-Con that we will post on our Goody Awards YouTube Channel over the next few weeks. We also interviewed Chopper the Biker Dog (therapy dog) and Charity Water.

Big thanks to everyone who participated in our survey, and we hope you like your #GoodyAwards sunglasses. And special shout out to Tammy Rosecrans for being our videographer. Check out all of these fun interviews, along with our Hall H celebrity videos. And don’t forget to “tweet #goodyawards for your heroes.”

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