Goody Awards 2014 Recap Highlights and Video

Social Good Awards for Everyday Heroes

To recap Goody Awards 2014 Everyday Heroes honored, Goody Awards Ambassador Kelly Mayer put together this awesome video of people who received Special Awards. From Switzerland to Bali to England and all over the US, there was a lot of GOOD this year, and we are grateful for your support of our Pay GOOD Forward!

Our top 2014 Goody Awards highlights included:

  • Thousands of Twitter votes from 25+ countries for 5 Goody Awards of the Month and Year using Hashtags (#EcoGoody, #HeroGoody, #GoodDeedGoody, #TeacherGoody, and #TeamGoody)
  • 54 Hero Goody Award Tags / Necklaces were given as gifts and the tributes are posted on
  • 5 Golden Goody Awards (top humanitarian award presented at live events)
  • Kelly Mayer’s “Mission Recognition” Program to honor heroes globally
  • Plus a World Cup 4 Good Cause Marketing Campaign for love.fútbol

In this 3.5-minute RECAP Video, enjoy the music and photos of social good leaders and magic moments in this order. Warning: This video is guaranteed to make you smile and want to dance.

  • Goody Awards Founder Liz Kelly Fox45 News interview with Anchor Mary McKenzie
  • Ron Kovic (“Born on the Fourth of July”) with Liz Kelly at My Hero International Film Festival
  • Tom Hatton received a Hero Goody Award Tag for coaching Manhattan Kickers
  • Goody Awards World Cup 4 Good Campaign supporting love.fútbol
  • Kat Ferrer Hero Goody Award Tag for teaching kids in the Philippines
  • Ian Somerhalder Foundation (ISF) with ISF Surrey (who won Team Goody of the Month)
  • Millie Monte (ISF Surrey Leader) tagged as Global Citizen with Hero Goody Award Tag
  • Trainer Drew Logan receives Hero Goody Award Tag for being Kelly Mayer’s “Twitter Personal Trainer”
  • Tribute to Robin Williams
  • Kelly Mayer honors Radio Show Host DJ TJ Taormina
  • Joel Bach receives Golden Goody Award for Producing Years of Living Dangerously
  • Joel Bach and David Gelber, Producers for Years of Living Dangerously
  • People’s Climate March NYC with Years of Living Dangerously team
  • Roger Hamilton, John Stewart, Liz H Kelly for Golden Goody Award presentation in Bali
  • Golden Goody Award for John Stewart, Director of Green School Bali
  • Roger Hamilton coaches Social Impact Leaders
  • Michael Malarkey receives Hero Goody Tag at Vampire Diaries Conference for bringing smiles to millions with his music, and for inspiring her to write again.
  • Fabien Cousteau honored for Mission 31 with Hero Goody Award Tag
  • Roger Lowenstein, LA Leadership Academy, receives Golden Goody Award at Hollywood Literary Retreat
  • Barbara Corday, Former Writers Guild Foundation President, receives Golden Goody Award at Hollywood Literary Retreat
  • Ian Somerhalder and Kelly Mayer
  • Danny Nickerson (6-yr-old) receives Hero Goody Award Tag from Kelly Mayer for being an amazing, brave boy who was sadly diagnosed with DIPG inoperable cancer.
  • World Cup National Team Player (Brazil) Anderson Hernanes honored with Golden Goody Award for supporting love.fútbol
  • Conscious Capitalism LA Board at Holiday Party 2014
  • Ian Somerhalder receives Golden Goody Award from Goody Awards Founder Liz H Kelly
  • Veteran Jim Silvazian tagged with Hero Goody Tag at Veterans Holiday Celebration LA Campus
  • Kat Abramowitz (Compassionate Teacher) receives Hero Goody Award Tag
  • Liz Kelly with Keith Frazier, Conscious Capitalism LA Holiday Party
  • Nina Dobrev supports Free The Children with an #Unselfie (Goody Awards also supports Free The Children)
  • @SerendiptyPM receives a #HeroGoody at My Hero International Film Festival
  • Shah Hamzah honored with Hero Goody Award tag in Bali for organizing Roger Hamilton’s Crystal Circle Conference for Social Impact Leaders
  • Judy Paolercio (Animal Rights Advocate) receives Hero Goody Award Tag in NYC
  • Viacommunity Panel at Social Media Week LA (Viacom Lenore Feder and SMWLA Chairman Drew Baldwin)
  • Remember Me Thursday by Ian Somerhalder
  • HeforShe with Tom Hiddleston (Loki in Thor)
  • Carla McCarron (ISF Advocate) tagged as global citizen by Kelly Mayer
  • Bekki V Meek (ISF Surrey in England) tagged with Hero Goody Award for her passions for ISF, animals and the environment
  • Chopper The Biker Dog (Therapy Dog) with Liz Kelly at Comic-Con 2014
  • @Oh_My_Kristen (Switzerland) receives Hero Goody Award Tag from Kelly Mayer

For 2015, we will up our game by going from 5 Goody Awards to 20, which will include Global Global and Local Impact Awards (Los Angeles as a start) to continue all this good energy and social good recognition. Our Goody PR marketing company will also start exclusively representing social impact brands and clients who have been nominated.

Big Thanks to Kelly Mayer for producing this video, and let’s change the world together in 2015!

© Goody Awards 2014


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