Golden Goody – Anand G Mahindra

Social Good Shout Out to @AnandMahindra for a #GoldenGoody #GoodyAwards @GoodyAwards for sponsoring the Sundance Institute Global Filmmaking Awards

Golden Goody – Anand G Mahindra

Social Good Shout Out to @AnandMahindra for a #GoldenGoody #GoodyAwards @GoodyAwards for sponsoring the 2012 Sundance Global Filmmaking Awards. Through his generous support and partnership with the Sundance Institute, 4 winning Directors and projects were given grants to make films with powerful messages including Etienne Kallos, “Vrystaat, Free State” from South Africa; Dominga Sotomayor, “Late To Die Young” from Chile, Ariel Kleiman, “Partisan” from Australia and Shonali Bose, “Margarita. With A Straw” from India.

Anand G Mahindra employees over 1 million people worldwide, and is based in India. He received a filmmaking undergraduate degree from Harvard, and explained during the Global Filmmaking Awards ceremony at Sundance 2012, “35 years ago, it’s true, I did major in filmmaking as an undergraduate, and every film school student’s dream is to actually walk up onto the stage of the Academy Awards and get an award, this was before Sundance in the 70s…so that was my dream too, but as always fate has other things in store for us so I’m here on a different stage,…as a presenter, but I think fate always makes better plans for us than the ones we plot for ourselves. If my plans had panned out, I probably would have been just a lousy filmmaker. But here I am, having done well in another walk of life, and thus having earned the means, through Sundance to help other really talented people bring their stories to life. And therefore, I am very grateful to Sundance for giving us this privilege.”

Many thanks to Anand G. Mahindra for supporting independent filmmakers with powerful stories.


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