Fabien Cousteau receives Hero Goody Award Tag for Mission 31

For collecting 3 years of data by spending 31 days under the sea

Fabien Cousteau receives Hero Goody Award Tag for Mission 31
Fabien Cousteau with his father Jacques Cousteau

Ocean Explorer Fabien Cousteau with his famous grandfather Jacques Cousteau

To recognize Ocean Explorer Fabien Cousteau (grandson of the famous Jacques Cousteau) for his record-breaking “Mission 31”, he was honored with a Hero Goody Award Tag by one of his biggest fans, Kelly Mayer. This award recognizes Fabien as a global citizen making a positive impact, and wow, this 31 days under sea adventure will have an historic impact on the planet.

Fabien’s goal was to increase support for ocean conservation, and his team of five, brought back data for “at least 10 scientific papers”. On the 50th anniversary of Jacques Cousteau’s 30 days under the sea, Fabien’s team lived in an underwater research lab that was about the size of a school bus for 31 days in June 2014. It was located just below the waves of the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, where they conducted climate-change experiments that were broadcast live and online.

To honor @FCousteau, we received this tribute letter from @Krmayer27:

I am “tagging” Fabien Cousteau as a “Global Citizen” for his inspiring Mission 31 Expedition. I have always been a HUGE fan of the Cousteau family, and all they continue to help educate the public on the importance of marine life.

Fabien has continued his grandfather’s legacy by striving to protect the inhabitants and habitats of endangered marine life. One of the main reasons why I’m “tagging” Fabien is for his AMAZING expedition he did in June 2014 called “Mission 31”!  

With Mission 31, Fabien opened up MILLIONS of people’s eyes and minds to the importance of ocean life! The 3 main issues he highlighted during the 31 days was: 

* Climate change and the challenges of ocean acidification

* Ocean pollution, mainly due to the effects of plastics

* Overuse of resources with a focus on the decline of biodiversity.

To be 100% honest, I NEVER gave any of those topics much thought until Mission 31! I spent a lot of my childhood on the beautiful beaches of Cape Cod, Massachusetts. I think I watched “Jaws” too many times because I have NEVER been in the ocean. I admire it’s beauty and mysterious world from the sand and on boats! 

The fact that Fabien lived under the surface for 31 days is truly amazing. The passion he has for all ocean life and the importance of protecting it is truly nothing short of heroic! He’s an inspiration to people of all ages.

I could go on for days with reasons why Fabien and his family are my (and MILLIONS of others) heroes! This is just a small token of my appreciation for all he does. I hope to get the honor of shaking his hand and to thank him in person for Paying Good Forward and striving to protect our ocean life! 

Remember, “There is no Green without Blue”! 


Kelly Mayer

In a recent interview, Fabien shared, “Ocean health is human health.”

Honor you heroes with a Hero Goody Award Tag, get 2 for the price of 1 and support Free The Children!

Honor you heroes with a Hero Goody Award Tag, get 2 for the price of 1 and support Free The Children!

And we thank you Fabien Cousteau for all you are doing to help protect the planet. Congratulations on your Hero Goody Award tag, and thank you Kelly Mayer for continuing to bring these inspirational hero stories to us through your “Mission Recognition.

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