Dena Somerhalder honored by fan with Hero Goody Necklace

Tagged as a global citizen making a difference.

Dena Somerhalder honored by fan with Hero Goody Necklace

Dena Somerhalder was tagged as a global citizen making a difference with a Hero Goody Necklace by a fan this week. This gift was sent by Kelly Mayer, who wrote this heartwarming thank you to Dena for changing her life in 5 minutes!

From Kelly Mayer @krmayer27

What can possibly happen in 5 minutes that can be so amazing that the person deserves an award? Well, have you met Dena Somerhalder

I wanted to give Dena this necklace for many reasons. First, she’s a true inspiration to thousands of people across the globe and deserves to be recognized for all her hard work. Dena and her husband (Bob Somerhalder) run Built of Barnwood, a small family run business that reuses and recycles materials from old barn wood and building materials that would otherwise be wasted, and turns them into beautifully hand crafted items. She’s constantly coming up with amazing creative ideas for new products and she’s working around the clock to make sure all orders are getting shipped as fast as humanly possible. 

Second, on top of being Bob’s “boss” and keeping him on track, she’s an amazing mom to 2 wonderful kids, a supportive and devoted wife, a sister, a friend and so many other “hats” she wears, all while keeping her head held high and Never Never Giving Up! I’ve only met Dena once last November at EyeCon Vampire Diaries in Atlanta, GA and it was during those 5 minutes I realized how amazing she really was. She stopped what she was doing when I came over to say “Hi” and she gave me a hug and autographed my picture of Ian, Bob and me. Her kind words of encouragement have kept me staying positive over these difficult months. It truly warms my heart knowing such a wonderful person is in this world, and making it better just because she’s in it. 

She’s the “glue” keeping that family going strong.. she’s got a heart of gold and she’s stands up for her family, for the business, her friends and even people she’s only met for 5 minutes one day in November. I can’t thank her enough for all her hard work she does each day and for being someone so many look up to. She’s inspired me to be a better person and to speak up for what I believe in and of course to Never Never Give Up hope! Thank you Dena for being…. YOU!

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