Compassionate Teacher Kat Abramowitz receives Hero Goody Award Tag

For being an AMAZING role model for her 120 students

Compassionate Teacher Kat Abramowitz receives Hero Goody Award Tag

Join us in congratulating Kat Abramowitz for being tagged as a global citizen with a Hero Goody Award necklace for being an AMAZING role model to her 120 K-2nd grade students by fellow ISF (Ian Somerhalder Foundation) member Kelly Mayer.

To honor Kat @katteachart (left in the photo) as a compassionate art teacher from Long Island, New York, we received this tribute letter from Kelly @Krmayer27 (right in the photo, who received a Hero Goody from the Goody Awards for her “Mission Recognition” program):

I am “tagging” Kat Abramowitz as a Global Citizen with a Hero Goody Award necklace for being an AMAZING role model for her students. She incorporates both concepts of “Being Green” and the mission of the Ian Somerhalder Foundation every day into her teachings.

Kat is a one of a kind teacher. She is passionate and energized to get her students involved with understanding the importance of nature, animals and how their everyday actions affect the world.

Kat listens to her students and encourages them to come up with their OWN ideas for how they can help the world. She brings her passion for helping the planet and animals into the classroom where it radiates onto her students. They see how important their actions are and how valuable their ideas are because Kat makes sure her students know they are important.

Another reason I’m tagging Kat, is because of her explosive enthusiasm and energy for anything relating to ISF or Ian Somerhalder. Her whole face lights up, and you can see she genuinely is passionate about what she teaches. She uses real world experiences and information along with the typical schoolbooks.  She believes in ISF’s mission, to “empower, educate and collaborate with people and projects to positively impact the planet and its creatures”.

By teaching and showing her students that their ideas and opinions matter, Kat is creating future change makers and making the world better! Kat knows the importance of allowing youth to express themselves by encouraging them to get involved with making changes to better their future. I have so much respect for her, and am proud to honor her for all of her hard work with this Hero Goody Necklace!

Not only is she educating her students on these important issues, but she continues to educate and inspire EVERYONE who comes in contact with her.  She’s an example of “Paying Good Forward” every day!


Honor your heroes with a Hero Goody Award Tag

Honor your heroes with a Hero Goody Award Tag

Big Congratulations to Kat Abramowitz, and thank you Kelly for sharing these inspirational stories to us through your “Mission Recognition” Program.

If you’d like to recognize your hero, purchase a Hero Goody Award tag here, and then send us the story to post on the Goody Awards blog. We donate 50% of the profits to Free The Children, who empowers youth to change the world. You will also receive 2 for the price of 1 to support our Pay Good Forward program.


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