Chopper The Biker Dog receives Hero Goody for taking Adam to dentist

Chopper is tagged with Hero Goody Award necklace by Adam and Nicole

We honored Chopper The Biker Dog (therapy dog) with the first Hero Goody necklace for an animal at a recent Down Syndrome Action fundraiser. 8-yr-old Adam with Down syndrome and Nicole presented this award to Chopper for taking Adam to the dentist. As Mark Shaffer (Chopper’s owner) shared, “they held hands and paws.” Awh! You can watch Chopper receive his award take a motorcycle ride in this VIDEO

Chopper is a Boston terrier who has touched thousands of lives through visits to the hospital, riding his motorcycle at charity events, and through daily posts on Facebook to 32,000+ fans and Twitter @ChopperBikerDog.

This amazing therapy dog has supported veterans, the Wounded Warrior Project, PETCO, San Diego Humane Society, Oshkosh Area Humane Society, and many more charity events. He makes everyone smile along the way, and was “born to ride.”

Thank you Chopper and Mark for making a positive difference in so many lives. Follow Chopper’s news on Facebook To get your own Hero Goody and tag good, visit


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