Brave 6-yr-old Danny Nickerson receives Hero Goody Award Tag

For being an amazing, brave boy

Brave 6-yr-old Danny Nickerson receives Hero Goody Award Tag

JustinBieberDannyNickerson-300x300Danny Nickerson (6-yr-old) just received a Hero Goody Award Tag from cancer survivor, Kelly Mayer. Kelly tagged Danny as a “global citizen” for being an amazing, brave boy who was sadly diagnosed with DIPG inoperable cancer.

All Danny wanted was birthday cards for his 6th birthday on July 25, 2014, and he probably didn’t expect 100,000 cards and gifts (including a card from Justin Bieber).

You can read his birthday news that went viral on Twitter with the hashtags #CardsforDanny and #HappyBirthdayDanny.

Kelly Mayer sent us this heartfelt tribute letter for Danny with his Hero Goody Award that might bring a tear to your eye.

Danny Nickerson – 6 years old And a Hero!

I wanted to send this #HeroGoody necklace to 6-year-old Danny Nickerson! I came across Danny’s story through a Twitter message. Danny is currently battling an inoperable form of cancer that was just diagnosed last October. It is one of the most chemotherapy-resistant cancers. Due to this diagnosis, he had to stop going to kindergarten.

As soon I read what he wanted for his birthday, I jumped on it! Being a mom of 3 boys (Ages 9 and twin 2-yr-olds), I can’t even begin to imagine what Danny’s parents must be going through emotionally.

I know for me at least, seeing people smile helps ease the pain for a little while. All Danny wanted for his birthday is a ton of birthday cards with his name on them! I told my 9-year-old son Lucas about this and he put his Xbox controller down, grabbed some crayons and paper and started drawing Danny some pictures!

Total we sent out 9 birthday cards to Danny. I even had my twin 2-year-olds help! I recently read that so far over 100,000 cards have been sent to him! It is just amazing to see the support for such an amazing, brave young boy!

I want to send this Hero Goody to Danny to show him that he is a hero to thousands of people across the country who are praying and supporting him!

Keep on smiling Danny! 


Kelly Mayer, Derry, NH

While Danny is busy opening his 100,000 birthday cards, the Goody Awards is honored to share this tribute online!  You can continue to send well wishes to: Danny Nickerson, P.O. Box 212, Foxboro, MA 02035. You can also follow Danny’s updates on his Facebook page, Danny’s Warriors.

Hero Goody Necklaces tag global citizens making a difference

Hero Goody Necklaces tag global citizens making a difference

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