Bill Clinton spotlights global good at Unite4:Humanity Oscar Party

Unite4Good and Variety dinner honoring everyday heroes at Sony Pictures.

Bill Clinton spotlights global good at Unite4:Humanity Oscar Party

Former President Bill Clinton inspired entertainers, philanthropists and political leaders with his global good speech at the Unite4:Humanity Oscar Party hosted by Unite4:Good in association with Variety at Sony Pictures during Oscars 2014 week. Unite4Good Founder Anthony Melikhov’s big picture dream is to create, “a global movement to connect millions and millions of people so giving back and kindness become an everyday phenomenon, not just a one day phenomenon.”

And Mr. Clinton was there to support this Unite4:Good’s mission. During this celebration of everyday heroes dinner, he focused his remarks on humanity. With passion, Bill Clinton shared, “Anthony has done a good thing tonight because Unite4Humanity is simply a way of saying nobody’s right all the time, and besides we’re stuck in the same boat. We have to share the future, the prosperity, the responsibilities, the obligation to live in peace and harmony. If we do it, great things will happen, and this will be the most exciting period in human history. We dare not fail.”

To emphasize the need to work together, Mr. Clinton added, “You are 99.5% identical to everybody here, and yet we all spend 99.5% of our time thinking about the .5% of us that is different, and I’m not just talking about politics,…it is killing us in an interdependent world….”

And in this interdependent world, Mr. Clinton talked about our strengths and challenges, “People are the great cooperators because we they have something the others don’t. We have consciousness and conscience, but because we’re so smart we’re prone to arrogance, and selfishness, and shortsightedness. This is as old as time, I don’t think for a minute this dinner’s going to eradicate it.

Mr. Clinton continued by highlighting the need for cooperation to solve the world’s problems, “but I want you to understand you cannot live in an interdependent world where a lot our natural resources are under enormous stress, where climate change is an encompassing challenging for all of us, where a conflict in one place will be a conflict in another… and say I’m sorry, I choose not to share the future. I’m sorry I choose to make every game a zero sum game where in order for me to win, somebody else has got to loose. That’s what’s at stake in the Ukraine. You watch it.”

Jane Fonda at Unite4Humanity Party (photo by Liz H Kelly)

Jane Fonda at Unite4Humanity Party at Sony Pictures

Many thanks to Bill Clinton, Unite4Good and Variety for supporting this global movement for good. You can also see our red carpet photos of Jane Fonda, Alicia Keys, Katherine Heigl and Demi Lovato and more in our RECAP Video: 2014 Unite4Good Oscar Party Recap by Goody Awards and video interview with Blair Underwood (“LA Law”) about his charities and Best Picture pick.

The Goody Awards was grateful to be at this event, and supports Unite4Good Founder Anthony Melikhov’s mission for global good and emphasizing positivity versus negativity. You can recognize your everyday heroes everyday through Twitter by including their @Handle and #HeroGoody. And this positivity can be contagious so help us share the good people are doing! Everyone can make a difference by joining this movement for good!

Photo Credit – Bill Clinton image by Huffington Post

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