Actor Lee Dahlberg receives Hero Goody Necklace for Leather Rock Band with a Cause

Lee honored as global citizen for designing Rose Quartz Rock Band to support breast cancer research

Actor Lee Dahlberg receives Hero Goody Necklace for Leather Rock Band with a Cause

Actor Lee Dahlberg received a Hero Goody Necklace representing global citizens making a difference for designing a special Leather Rock Band with a cause. Lee’s Rose Quartz band has a heart shaped stone and supports breast cancer research in honor of his mother, who he lost to cancer 11 years ago. We captured this photo of Lee in front of his new series of posters called ‘heART’ that also benefit his mother’s cancer foundation, The “I Heart Julanne Foundation.”


Leather Rock Band’s Rose Quartz Band supports breast cancer research.

From ABC’s Shark Tank to the Sundance Film Festival, Lee Dahlberg has been raising funds and awareness for cancer research through his special Rose Quartz (aka the Love Stone) Band that was worn by Sarah Jessica Parker on “Sex and the City.” Patti LaBelle also wore it while she sang the National Anthem at the Super Bowl. Lee feels fortunate to have celebrity support from stars and philanthropists such as Bono, Johnny Depp, Jack Nicholson, Patricia Fields, and John Paul Mitchell.

We interviewed Lee at the Deer Valley Ski Lodge during the Sundance Film Festival about this special Rose Quartz Rock Band. He gave us the history on the design and cause, “When I created this rock band, I thought it’d be a great opportunity to honor my mom….She’s the reason that I am creative. She was a dance teacher, and I was always making scenery for her theater productions and other things.”

Lee expanded, “Women are drawn to rose quartz. It’s a pink stone. A lot of women carry a piece of it in their purse because they think it’s good luck. It’s known as the love stone. And so I thought it would be great to put it in the shape of a heart and start the ‘I Heart Julanne Foundation.’ My mother’s name is Julanne, My grandmother’s name is Julanne. My little sister is Margaret Julanne.”

For his Leather Rock Bands, Lee uses about 40 different stones that have different healing properties. He is also offering a special holiday discount on these Rock Bands.

And Lee is continuing to expand on the creative genes that his mother instilled upon him. His work recently showed at Art Basel in Miami Beach, Florida. Congratulations on your Hero Goody necklace, and thank you for all that you do to raise funds for breast cancer awareness.

Hero Goody NecklaceIf you know a hero, give them a Hero Goody necklace as a gift from the heart, and then add a Rose Quartz Rock Band from Lee for love! You can also get 2 Hero Goody necklaces for the price of 1 during the holidays (Dec 1-31, 2013.) You will make an immediate impact because 50% of our profits will go to Free The Children, who teach children to be global citizens and help keep children out poverty. Since 1995, they’ve built 650 schools/classrooms and provided 1,000,000+ with clean water, health care and sanitation.

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