Actor John Savage (The Deer Hunter) accepts Golden Goody Award at Typhoon Fundraiser

John Savage supports Global Green, Safety Harbor Kids and Military Films

Actor John Savage (The Deer Hunter) accepts Golden Goody Award at Typhoon Fundraiser

Actor and Activist John Savage (“The Deer Hunter”) received a Golden Goody Award (our top humanitarian award) from the Goody Awards at a special fundraiser for the Philippines typhoon victims. After traveling the world for 181 films, John shared his views on how we are all neighbors at this SPAN Relief event at the Malibu West Beach Club.

Goody Awards Founder Liz H Kelly presented the Golden Goody Award to John Savage at the event by sharing, “John is an active humanitarian who you can find on every green carpet. In 2013 alone, we’ve seen him raising awareness for the environment and the oceans at Global Green, the “On Begley Street” Premiere, the Safety Harbor Kids Fundraiser, and as the narrator for the film “The Carrier” that premiered on Veterans Day. On top of all his charity work, John has 10 films in post-production and just played the judge in the ION Holiday Movie “Defending Santa’.”

John then accepted the Golden Goody Award with a heartfelt speech about how everyone in the world is connected together. John emphasized the importance of Americans helping other nations, “Our future in this country depends on the future of the rest of the world. Our relationship with the rest of the world is brand new all of the time, it’s gotta be encouraged.”

During this event, Goody Awards Founder Liz H Kelly interviewed John about his 181 films, the Philippines typhoon, and his humanitarian work at the Malibu West Beach Club, which you can see in this VIDEO: John Savage (Deer Hunter) talks Films and Typhoon Support.

When speaking about US aid for other countries and the USS Carl Vincent in “The Carrier”, John spoke with pride, “We’ve got such a great participation in the rest of the world that we don’t really hear about whether it’s through our military going to the aid of people in stress where food and what is important and medical aid.”

When it came to donations, John added, “What seems like a small amount, you multiply that by several hundred million people in America, and that’s felt all over the world. “

Event speakers were also given Hero Goody Necklaces from the Goody Awards that represents global citizens making a difference. The Master of Ceremonies was Academy Award winner actor Louis Gossett Jr. (“An Officer and a Gentleman”) and speakers included actor John Savage (“The Deer Hunter”), actress Cassandra Gava (“Conan The Barbarian”), and actor Patrick Kilpatrick (“Minority Report”.)

Many thanks to Actress Cassandra Hepburn (“The Young and the Restless”) for hosting this typhoon fundraiser. The event raised $30,000 and you can still donate. For more information, visit SPAN RELIEF (Strategic Partners Among Nations) and Fusion Global & Ascend Malibu Fellowship. You can also text 41444 to donate any amount with the word SPAN in your message.

And to honor your hero, the Goody Awards makes it easy to tweet them with their @handle and #HeroGoody and/or send them a Hero Goody Necklace

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