The Goody Awards Team includes Global Entertainers, Technology and Activist Leaders who are passionate about recognizing and doing social good.

Liz H Kelly is CEO/Founder of Goody PR and the Goody Awards that Magnify GOOD thru Marketing, PR and Social Media Marketing services. Liz knew she wanted to change the world in big ways at the age of 9 at summer camp, and was later inspired to move forward with the Goody Awards by Dalai Lama meetings in Los Angeles in 2006. As a published author with 500+ media interviews about relationships (CNN, Fox News, Chicago Tribune, USA Today, BBC Radio, etc) and UCLA Extension New Media Marketing Instructor, she specializes in digital media and engagement marketing. Liz has helped build companies, marketing campaigns and recognition programs for Fox Interactive Media/MySpace, Paramount Pictures, the first Sprint PCS office, T. Rowe Price, and interactive startups. Liz is currently on the Advisory Board of Net Impact LA and Global Girl Media, is a member of the Los Angeles World Affairs Council and is a graduate of Johns Hopkins University Carey Business School.

Goody Awards Guild Advisory Board


Amber J Lawson is a multiplatform strategist, online video content programming and development executive, board advisor, and catalytic philanthropist. Amber is Founder of Transforming the World Through Comedy, Chairman of the IAWTV Awards Committee (International Academy of Web TV Awards) and Chairman of the Membership Committee of The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences – Interactive Media Peer Group. Amber previously was the AOL VP/ Head of Original Programming and led international comedy business. Some of her break out hits included Kid Reenact and In 60 Seconds, and she also partnered with Streamys Award-Winner Kevin Pollak for his directorial debut of VAMPED OUT. Her life long mission has been to transform the world through comedy, and you can follow her on Twitter @AmberJLawson or visit


Amy Seidman is a multimedia artist, creative entrepreneur, award winning internationally published photographer and activist who founded Creative Entity, Incredible Places and Noble Profit. Noble Profit is an authentic source for discovering innovation, trends and investment in clean tech and sustainable business. Amy is the also the developer of the Made For The Media™ platform, which makes content available in the multiple formats.


Anne Phillips Schelle is Managing Director of Pearl, a partnership of broadcast companies working to develop next-generation digital media platforms. Previously, a senior advisor to the National Association of Broadcasters and Executive Director of the Open Mobile Video Coalition, Anne led outreach efforts by broadcasters to introduce Mobile TV services now available from more than 150 local TV stations throughout the country. Anne has over 20 years of operations, business development, marketing communication, and legislative/regulatory experience in wireless and related industries. Anne has been part of the founding management teams of several companies, including xDSL networks, a start-up high speed data access ISP and American Personal Communications/Sprint Spectrum, the nation’s first commercial PCS venture. Anne serves on the Advisory Board of Mobile Giving, and is a leader in the mobile space.



Brandon Smith creates sustainable impact as a Social Entrepreneur. He currently leads the Child and Family Guidance Center‘s social enterprise development efforts toward diversifying the agencies revenue streams. Brandon also served as President of Net Impact Los Angeles Professional Chapter. He is an expert in corporate communications, and exhibits broad experience in systems thinking strategy. A graduate of Occidental College, with a B.A. in Urban and Environmental Policy, Brandon uses the power of business to create social and environmental sustainability.

Actress, Model and Humanitarian


Cassandra Hepburn is an Actress, Model and Humanitarian who serves as the Global Ambassador for Youth for Human Rights International ( where she travels the world teaching the concept of the 30 inalienable human rights to children and young adults. She is also a Volunteer Minister who went to Haiti twice after the earthquake assisting medical professionals and Orphanages. Cassandra was awarded “Role Model of the Year” in 2008 for her humanitarian work and was recognized by the House of Representatives, Senate and Judicial Court. Cassandra has worked with some of Hollywood’s greatest stars, including Dennis Hopper, Michael Madsen, Kim Basinger, Matthew McConaughey, Woody Harrelson, and Vin Diesel in films and on TV (The Young and the Restless.) Cassandra has a global view, lived in the Phillipines, Hong Kong, Milan, Paris, London, Switzerland and the United States.



Christopher Brereton is the Founder of mobile first technology company, PwrdBy, focused on solving problems for the nonprofit community. He’s obsessed with community, collaboration, orange juice, the beach and being creative. PwrdBy is proud to be a Certified B Corporation TM. Chris loves everything Social Enterprise, #SiliconBeach, #VegasTech, and @DowntownProjLV. You’ll find him speaking at conferences, local happy hours, paddle-boarding or behind his computer making big things happen.


Jack Z. Sherman is a truly global citizen with over two decades of business experience. Currently, he resides on the beautiful Turks & Caicos Islands, but travels most of the time. His experience covers the media industry from production to content monetization, and he bears a vast business expertise in Global Corporate Development and M&A. Currently, he is CEO of globally operating consulting firm FCO Fiumicino Ltd. Besides this, he serves as Member of the International Advisory Council of the World Championships of the Performing Arts (often referred to as the Olympics of Performing Arts), as Executive Director of Global Relations at the American Institute of Performing Arts and as Planning Team Leader of the ORYX Music Awards project.


Jason Crilly is the CEO and Co-Founder of AdNucleus (formerly NearWoo,com), which offers rocket-fuel for your mobile marketing. As an accomplished Engineer and CTO from San Diego, California, Jason also co-founded Appocalypse Interactive, an interactive studio in Los Angeles that produced engaging web content and interactive platforms for large brands such as Neutrogena and MGM. Jason has been advising the Goody Awards on different technology solutions, and is passionate about making the world a better place.


Vincent De Paul is an Actor, Activist, Producer and Model who is pictured here at the St Vincent de Paul Society Annual Christmas Toy Drive where he greeted hundreds of children lined up to receive toys as the spokesperson for the organization. He also supports Kim’s Good Karma Group, and frequently attends charity events for organizations such as Hollywood Helping Haiti Golden Globes Celebrity Charity Lounge and the Give Back Foundation’s Benefit for The VH1 Save The Music Foundation. Vincent has 88 titles on IMDB, including The Artist, Sex and the City 2, G-Force, Mad Men, The West Wing and was in the original Hairspray. He also produced and acted in Walk a Mile in My Pradas (2011), a holiday movie that celebrates diversity.