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Tag Global Citizens making a difference with a Hero Goody necklace!

Hero Goody "Tag Good" Necklaces support Free The Children

Hero Goody “Tag Good” Necklaces support Free The Children

You can help children get out of poverty, be a global citizen and support Free The Children with a Hero Goody Necklace for $35.00 (plus get a 2nd one for free as part of our Pay Good Forward program so you can honor a friend doing good).

Chain Sizes

Here is how your purchase can make a difference:

50% of our profits will go to Free The Children right away when you buy a Hero Goody Award tag so you’re immediately making a positive impact!

VIDEO: Goody Awards 2014 Everyday Heroes RECAP

Watch our Goody Awards 2014 Recap Video with Goody Tag Winners

Watch our Goody Awards 2014 Recap Video with Goody Tag Winners









The Hero Goody is the first of a series of our Tag Good necklaces that symbolize the power of global citizens. It can be worn by anyone who is a changemaker, even your loving service animal. And when you pass it forward, watch how it boosts someone’s confidence and self-esteem.

Ian Somerhalder receives one of the first Hero Goody necklaces at Social Good Summit

Ian Somerhalder receives one of the first Hero Goody necklaces at Social Good Summit

Wear your tag however you like, but wear it proudly because you were tagged as an outstanding global citizens.

Ian Somerhalder (Vampire Diaries) received one of our first Hero Goody necklaces because he has won Hero Goody of the Month, twice, thanks to his loyal fans voting for him on Twitter with #HeroGoody.

The Goody Awards is the only awards program that empowers you to tag your everyday heroes online @GoodyAwards through 20 Twitter using hashtags (examples: #HeroGoody #TeamGoody #EcoGoody #TeacherGoody) and offline with these Tag Good necklaces.



Free_The_Children_LogoFree The Children is an international charity and educational partner that educates, engages and empowers young people to be global citizens.

Since 1995, Free The Children has provided

–        650+ schools and schoolrooms built

–        30,000 women economic self- sufficiency

–        55,000 children with education every day

–        1,000,000 people with clean water, health care and sanitation

–        2,300,000 with Free The Children education programs

“We appreciate the Goody Awards support of Free The Children with their Hero Goody necklace, and sharing how our education programs and service projects are empowering children to help children get out of poverty. We love that the Hero Goody necklace represents global citizens and encourages people to give back in big ways! Thank you Goody Awards, and let’s all change the world together!”

– Craig Kielburger, Free The Children Founder

Hero Goody "Tag Good" necklaces to benefit Free The Children

Your Hero Goody necklace by the Goody Awards supports Free The Children


The tags themselves are two-sided, made of brass with an ‘antique silver’ plating, and measure .4″ x .67″. The tag comes on a fashionable unisex 18″ or 24” silver chain for $35.00.

Chain Sizes

And when you give this #HeroGoody Award tag  to your hero, email us at taggood@goodyawards.com with your WHY and a photo so we can add it to our Hero Goody blog.


Keep this Pay Good Forward movement going by tagging others for their heroic deeds either online by tweeting with #HeroGoody or offline with a Hero Goody necklace. It’s all good.

Shipping Information

Your Hero Goody necklace will be shipped via Priority Mail in the US. If you live outside the US, we will use the standard shipping option for international.

The cost of the necklace is $35.00 plus shipping:

$5.00 for US Priority (3-5 days)

$12.00* (*or actual cost) for international 7-10 days shipping. If the shipping is more than $12.00, we will send you a followup PayPal request for the difference.

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