Voting Rules

Goody Awards Rules for Voting thru Twitter.

We appreciate you voting to recognize friends, family, heroes, teams and organizations doing good via tweets using #Hashtags. Below are the Official Rules for our Goody Awards Voting.

Official Voting Rules:

1. To vote or nominate someone, fill out the form at goody awards/give-goody or tweet like this one with the Twitter username, #AwardCategory, #GoodyAwards and why.

VOTE EXAMPLE: I recognize @Marty_Lang for #TeacherGoody #GoodyAwards for his great filmmaking classes & being so available for students!

2. You can also tweet shorter nominations like this one: #goodyawards @username #category [must add reason here]. Be as creative with the reason. A tweet without a reason for the nomination will not be counted.

3. The nomination must be relevant to the category.

4. Vote for as many different people as you want, in as many categories as you want, as often as you want.

5. Re-tweets (RTs) are NOT eligible as votes.

6. We have set up rules and pull data from Twitter on a regular basis. It is possible that Twitter may miss something. Please double-check that you have included everything required in a vote and that everything is spelled correctly. If you still think a vote is missing after 3 hours, please send us an email or try to vote again.

7. If there is No Clear winner (everyone ties), the Goody Awards reserves the right to call the winner.


We will have 2 Goody Awards winners for each category that will include:

Goody of the Quarter – Each quarter, your votes count towards a winner for each award category (example: Hero Goody of the Quarter, Team Goody of the Month, etc.)

Goody of the Year – For the year, your votes will also count toward the winner of the year by category (ex. Eco Goody of the Year, Teacher Goody of the Year.)

The Goody Awards may also have unique contests that will be posted, and the rules will be here. For example, we ran a contest for our Have a Green Plastic-Free Holiday Campaign. On behalf of the individual tweeter with the most #EcoGoody tweets in December, the Goody Awards will donate $100 to a charity of their choice.