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You can immediately start tweeting 5 types of Goody Awards ( #HeroGoody #TeamGoody #GoodDeedGoody #TeacherGoody or #EcoGoody) using the Tweet box above or go to Twitter to tweet social good thank yous:

To make your Goody Awards Shout Out count, include these things in your tweet:

1. #GoodyAwards

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3. WHY (this is your personalized message)

Goody Awards Example Votes

I nominate @zizquark for a #GoodDeedGoody #GoodyAwards for pushing me to go to #SXSW

Shout Out @MusicSavesLives for a #HeroGoody #GoodyAwards for campaigns that encouraging people to donate blood.

I nominate @DigitalLA for a #TeamGoody #GoodyAwards for hosting an awesome #SXSW party!

If you’re looking for more examples of the Goody Awards, below are some ideas. Don’t get too hung up on the details. Tweet a thank you to recognize your friends, family and teams doing social good.

1. Good Deed Goodys can be given at any time to someone or an organization that does a good deed to help you. The #GoodDeedGoody Awards have great social good value and might include:

-        Took you to lunch

-        Gave great advice for a new website

-        Brought you soup when sick

-        Volunteered to work at an event

-        Babysat for your kids so the parents could have a date night

2. Hero Goodys are for anyone who does something extraordinary to help you or others. The #HeroGoody Winners may have put in a lot of volunteer time, and your Social Good Shout Out is much bigger than saying thank you for help with homework! A #HeroGoody might include:

-  Organized a fundraiser for a charity organization

-  Raised money for a charity

-  Published a book for a good cause

- Long-term volunteer work for a good cause

- Taught you how to build a website

- Coached you how to do something (karate, painting, play an instrument)

3. Team Goody - Team Goodys are similar to Hero Goodys, but recognize an organization or group versus an individual. A #TeamGoody might include:

- Organized a fundraiser for charity

- Collectively raised money for a charity

- Started a new company

- Volunteered as a company to support an event or cause

- Achieved a team goal that went above and beyond expectations.

- Hosted a great event that expanded your world.