Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are Goody Awards?

Goody Awards empowers YOU to send Social Good Shout Outs Every Day to friends, family, heroes, organizations and teams by tweeting an award with 3 things in your tweet:

Goody Type – #GoodDeedGoody, #HeroGoody or #Team Goody

#GoodyAwards, @GoodyAwards

PLUS the WHY in you are giving this award

Example Tweet: Social Good #ShoutOut to @StoneSoup_Good for a #GoodDeedGoody #GoodyAwards @GoodyAwards for your stunning necklaces @ #EcoOscars

Why wait for an awards show to recognize social good? Send a thank you as soon as someone does something to make the world a better place. Sure, we’ll have an awards show too, but that is only once a year so send a Social Good Shout Out #GoodyAwards now!

2. Who can give Goody Awards?

Anyone can give one of the 3 main Goody Awards anytime: using #GoodDeedGoody, #HeroGoody, or #TeamGoody PLUS #GoodyAwards in your tweet. While CNN Heroes and other programs recognize Heroes annually, there are many more Heroes and community service contributors among us who deserve a thank you for their endless daily contributions. Give them a Social Good Shout Out with a #GoodyAwards Tweet!

SuperStar Goodys may be a SuperStar of the Month, and/or be defined by a brand to support a cause marketing or goodwill campaign recognizing social good. In the future, users will be able to vote on these special awards that will also have sponsors.

Golden Goody Award is our top honor, and is considered as an Oscar for social good. These awards may also be sponsored by brand advertisers for campaigns. A Goody Awards Guild has also been set up as an advisory board, and will give these awards. If you have suggestions for award winners, please Contact Us.

3. What is a Good Deed Goody?

Good Deed Goodys are for good deeds. The #GoodDeedGoody awards do not require as much effort as the others, but have great social good value. Examples of #GoodDeedGoodys might include:

–        Took you to lunch

–        Gave great advice for a new website

–        Brought me soup when sick

–        Volunteered to work at my event

–        Babysat for kids so the parents could have a date night

4. What is a Hero Goody?

Hero Goodys are for anyone who is your herlo and does something extraordinary to help you or others. The #HeroGoody Winners may have put in a lot of volunteer time, and your community service thank you is much bigger than a Good Deed Goody! Examples of #HeroGoodys might include:

–  Organized a fundraiser for a charity organization

–  Raised money for a charity

–  Published a book for a good cause

– Long-term volunteer work for a good cause

– Taught you how to build a website

– Coached you how to do an art (painting, play an instrument)

5. What is a Team Goody?

Team Goodys are similar to Hero Goodys, but let you recognize organizations and teams for their community involvement versus an individual.

The #TeamGoody can tweeted using the company’s Twitter Username @companyname plus #GoodyAwards and #TeamGoody. Examples of #TeamGoodys might include:

– Organized a fundraiser for charity

– Collectively raised money for a charity

– Organized a new company

– Volunteered as a company to support an event

– Achieved a team goal that went above and beyond expectations.

– Hosted an event that expanded your world.

6. Where can I send a suggestion for Goody Awards?

We’d love to hear your feedback. If you have an idea for Goody Awards, please email us info@goodyawards.com