About the Goody Awards

Join our mission to inspire positive change by recognizing the good in the world!

Goody Awards™  magnifies GOOD thru Social Good Awards via social media, special awards and cause marketing campaigns.

Our MISSION – To inspire positive change by recognizing the good in the world.

Our top GOALS include:

1. To make it easy for you to thank your heroes through our online and offline awards program.

2. To start a Pay Good Forward movement where you can recognize good and join a global conversation about how we can make the world a better place.

3. To support causes and brands in 4 key areas: Environment, Education, Health and Women Empowerment.

4. To promote causes and brands through our Goody PR services.


There are 6 ways to honor global citizens with Goody Awards. We encourage everyone to help us recognize good! Together, WE can change the world!

Michael Malarkey receives a Hero Goody Award tag from a fan for inspiring millions thru his music.

Michael Malarkey receives a Hero Goody Award tag from a fan for inspiring millions thru his music.

1. Nominate Anyone, Anytime: Anyone can tweet nominations anytime to recognize people, teams and even animals doing social good with 1 of 5 #GoodyAwards categories: #HeroGoody, #TeamGoody, #EcoGoody, #TeacherGoody, #GoodDeedGoody.

Ex: I nominate @ComedyGivesBack for a #TeamGoody #GoodyAwards for hosting show @YouTube for @MalariaNoMore

2. Goody Awards of the Month: Each hashtag tweet counts as vote for @username towards monthly awards, and winners honored with badges and certificates!

3. Goody Awards of the Year: Each tweet counts as a vote for @username towards annual awards, and winners are added to our Superstars.

4. Hero Goody Award Tag: Anyone can now purchase a Hero Goody Necklace to support Free The Children. This new necklace represents global citizens, and the Goody Awards will donate up to 50% of profits to Free The Children. http://goodyawards.com/taggood

5. First Goody Awards: The first awards for a new category are given at live events (ex. First Comedy Goody Awards will be giving this fall), and winners are added to our Superstars. Brands can sponsor the first Goody Award as part of a cause marketing campaign.

6. Golden Goody Awards: Lifetime achievement awards are given as part of cause marketing campaign at a live event. Anyone can nominate someone for a Golden Goody Award.

Ian Somerhalder received one of the first Hero Goody Necklaces at Social Good Summit

Ian Somerhalder received our top Golden Goody Award at the Social Good Summit in NYC.

This is our top Goody Award, and is like an Oscar for Social Good or Golden Globe, and is given at live events only. The Goody Awards builds cause marketing campaigns to recognize someone doing good in the space, and partners with brand sponsors, celebrities and causes for these “Special Awards.”

This award has been presented to Ian Somerhalder who inspires youth to change the world and join the Ian Somerhalder Foundation, Autistic Teen Animator Dani Bowman who has taught 150 autistic children how to do animation and illustrated 2 anti-bully books (photo to the left), Louie Psihoyos, Director of “The Cove”, Erica Greve, Unlikely Heroes Founder and more. Check out the previous Golden Goody Award winners.


Liz H Kelly started the Goody Awards to MAGNIFY Good!

Liz H Kelly started the Goody Awards to MAGNIFY Good!

Liz H Kelly created the Goody Awards™ to give you an easy way to give Social Good Shout Outs every day through social media. As CEO/Founder, she’s helped build companies and recognition programs for Fox Interactive Media/MySpaceParamount Pictures, Sprint PCS office, T. Rowe Price, and interactive startups. Liz is currently on the Advisory Board of Net Impact LA and Global Girl Media. 

Liz knew she wanted to change the world at 9 years old when she went to a summer camp where the top award was for leaders focused on teamwork, giving back and making the camp a better place versus the best tennis player. Liz is active in the community, and is always looking for GOOD. She’s been on social good panels as part of Social Media Week LA, Silicon Beach, Digital Hollywood and teaches social media at UCLA Extension. She has put together a global Advisory Board to support all this good!

Goody PR

85 Top Comedians honored with Hero Goody Necklace during Comedy Gives Back campaign

85 Top Comedians received Hero Goody Award tags as a thank you for volunteering their time during Comedy Gives Back campaign

Our Goody PR… company manages the Marketing, PR and Social Media tied to these cause marketing campaigns for brand sponsors. We’d love to hear from anyone interested in developing a campaign or learning about our sponsorship opportunities.

The Goody Awards™ does marketing campaigns around these top awards to build communities around causes. We’ve done marketing campaigns to promote Comedy Gives BackRethinking Autism, Oceanic Preservation Society, Women In Film in Park City, UN Women Los Angeles Chapter and more. We don’t just give awards, we support movements!

If you have ideas for a cause marketing campaign and/or sponsors, please email info@goodyawards.com. We want to make you look GOOD!

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We hope you’re excited about this new way to recognize your everyday heroes through Social Good Shout Outs and Social Media. We welcome your feedback on our campaigns and awards programs, and thank you for stopping by GoodyAwards.com.

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