CharityGoody Votes Summary

#CharityGoody : Extraordinary Charity making a global impact.

CharityGoody of the Quarter (Jul-Aug-Sept 2017)

I nominate @ObakkiFdn for a #CharityGoody #GoodyAwards for bringing clean water in Africa and saving lives ❤️
I nominate @FREE_2_LUV for a #CharityGoody #GoodyAwards for taking a stand for youth around the globe & reminding them of their magnificence
I nominate @crossoverbball for a #CharityGoody #GoodyAwards for their work in impacting education for girls and ma…
@AlexaVsings @GoodyAwards This is AMAZING! Thanks for spreadin' the LUV! You both ROCK! #CharityGoody #GoodyAwards @FREE_2_LUV @GoodyAwards
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