Autism Advocate Matt Asner receives Golden Goody Award

Presented by Autism Guardian Angels and the Goody Awards at Autfest 2017

Autism Advocate Matt Asner receives Golden Goody Award

Autism Advocate Matt Asner (Autism Society of America) received a Golden Goody Award on Sunday, April 23, 2017, at the first Autfest International Film Festival. This lifetime achievement award was presented to Matt Asner by Autism Guardian Angels Founder David Luber and Matt’s father Actor Ed Asner at the Autfest VIP Reception.

Autism Guardian Angels Founder David Luber kicked off the presentation by sharing, “We’re honored to recognize Matt Asner with a Golden Goody Award for dedicating over 20 years to raising autism awareness, helping millions impacted by autism, and as a parent of six autistic children.”

David then turn the microphone over the Matt’s father Actor Ed Asner (“Up”), who then expressed his deep gratitude and praise, “You are the best son a father could hope for (cheers). He is a loving demonstrative, talented, very talented individual. I’d be proud to have him in my company wherever I may be, or wherever I may work, because he will produce. And the Autism Society will find that he is a producer, and this night is one terrific example of what he can do when unleashed….So I give you Matthew David Asner, the pride and joy of the Asner family and it’s many cells.”

Actor Ed Asner presents Golden Goody Award to son Matt Asner at Autfest 2017

Actor Ed Asner presents Golden Goody Award to son Matt Asner at Autfest 2017

Following more cheers, hugs and kisses, Matt accepted the Golden Goody Award with these heartfelt words, “Thank you dad. I really appreciate this. Wow. This means a lot to me. Seven – eight years ago, I made a decision to change my career and left producing, and went into the world of autism because I felt the need to change the way my son lives, and my sons live now, and my brother lives. I saw the need. It was important. I worked hard for five years at another organization, and now at Autism Society, I really feel that I’m home.”

Goody Awards Founder and Autism Guardian Angels Board Member Liz H Kelly shared, “We started the Goody Awards five years ago with an autism awareness campaign, and our board felt strongly about honoring Matt Asner with our top award at Autfest.”

This lifetime achievement award is usually presented at live events to raise awareness of social impact leaders and great causes. Previous Golden Goody Award winners have included Nobel Peace Prize Nominee Sir Nicholas Winton, Amma The Hugging Saint, UN Goodwill Ambassador and Vampire Diaries star Ian Somerhalder (Ian Somerhalder Foundation), Unlikely Heroes Founder Erica Greve (who travels globally to rehabilitate women), Louie Psyhosis (Director of Academy Award Winning Documentary, “The Cove”) and more.

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