1 More Win Executive Director Jesse Lozano explains what givn prize money means

We want to choose a local high school and deck them out start to finish – shoes, uniforms, pants, footballs.

1 More Win in top 3 givn #SparkTheGood Contest Winners

1 More Win will help high school students with givn #SparkTheGood Contest prize money

Congratulations 1 More Win for being in the top three winners in the givn #SparkTheGood Contest, presented by Posiba. To share how this $5,000 prize money will support their 2016 goals to support underserved high school teams in San Diego, we interviewed their Executive Director, Founder and radio personality Jesse Lozano (Star 94.1 and 102.7 KIIS FM in San Diego, CA).

The givn winners were selected based on the most social media engagements using the givn app and website that lets users easily share and track donations (monetary and volunteer hours).

1. How does 1 More Win support the community?

1 More Win is dedicated to helping underserved high school athletic programs with necessary equipment and resources. “We kept seeing these great schools and great athletes that play in the same leagues as well-funded programs. They just couldn’t compete, and sometimes couldn’t even make it to games because they had no money for buses,” Jesse Lozano explained.

1 More Win gives new baseball equipment to teams in need

1 More Win gives new baseball equipment to high school teams in need

2. What makes 1 More Win unique?

To help these teams in need, 1 More Win accepts nominations from local schools through their website. When a school is chosen to receive a donation, 1 More Win will support direct needs including equipment, nets, surfacing, uniforms, tournament entry fees, and other ways to help a team be more productive. Their motto and mission is: “Let’s help a few needy teams get ONE MORE WIN this year!”

3. What does 1 More Win plan to do with the givn #SparkTheGood Contest winnings?

1 More Win is planning to use their givn prize money to energize their first golf tournament on March 5, 2016, with the goal of raising $25,000. Lozano added, “We want to choose a local high school and deck them out start to finish – shoes, uniforms, pants, footballs. The funds will help get this event started.”

4. How did 1 More Win use the givn app and social media sharing to win the contest?

“Obviously social media was the proper way to do it. We have a nice little database of people we have helped over the year and we just encouraged them to help us this time,” Jesse explained. What was really critical for the organization was the timing. 1 More Win aligns their fundraising efforts around the three high school sports seasons – fall, winter and spring. “Coming right out of summer, the fall season is always tough so this contest was perfect.” He emphasized that the exposure was an added benefit. “We got a handful of unsolicited donations as well.”

1 More Win gives new uniforms to underserved high school teams

1 More Win gives new uniforms to underserved high school teams

5. Looking forward, what are your 2016 plans?

Along with their March golf tournament in 2016, Jesse explained, “We want to make a real big splash for the community.” Their long-term goal is to build a high school gym for the low-income schools so that “they can say wow and go have some fun.” To make this happen, Lozano emphasized they first want to grow their database of contacts and promote more fundraising opportunities to reach their long and short-term objectives.

The award money will be presented to 1 More Win with the top 3 winners at Posiba in San Diego, California, during a special check presentation ceremony on Thursday, January 28, 2016. Congratulations to 1 More Win and Jesse Lozano, and thank you givn and Posiba for making a big difference in the community with this contest and givn app.

For more information about 1 More Win, visit http://www.1morewin.org/. You can also download the givn app to track your giving (monetary and volunteer hours), and/or sign up on the givn website: https://givn.social/.

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